Lugger News June 2016 - Part 2

Friday, 26th September

Skipper John Vanderhoff and his intrepid crew of Ges Wilson, Marco from Italy (Polo), Di Copperwheat, Rob Fishburn as visiting writer set sail at 08:08 to the Wolf Rock in the sunshine. Di helmed beautifully but extinguished both the sun and the wind, so the “Enough” “Enough” said the skipper, the engine was activated and we headed to the Isles at 12:21. Picnic on deck: Cheese and di’s home grown beetroot & tomatoes. We past the Wolf at 13:17 and pumped the dinghy (did it leak?). Ges put her glasses on and saw land – the Isles not France. We missed the rocks off Ghue and threw an anchor searching for 7 metres of water as we knew the Turk’s Head was open and we was thirsty! Leaks yes so we pumped the dinghy again, threw in the outboard and invaded St Agnes. Outside the pub, we somehow got talking to a lady who had ‘aggressive vowels’ Anne and Nigel from Bolton. Back to Happy return for Chili Con Carne, Red Wine and bed by 10 pm.

Saturday, 27th September
There were stars in the night and a very low Plough. The Full English for breakfast then walking on St Agnes – we all headed in different directions and I wondered if we ever meet again. Di, Ges & Marco took a St Agnes walking tour, I went for Troytown milk. Anyhow coffee at The Turks’s Head or the High Tide restaurant followed with Oyster Catchers and a Heron for company. Back to Happy Return and transit out and round to Tean Pool. The sails were hoisted and Ges tried to catch supper. We sailed past St Mary’s, the Eastern Isles and around St Martin’s to Round Island and a crabbing transit into Tean Pool. The skipper steered us in, arriving at 17:00, with free buoy parking, dinghy at 17:30, Karma resorts at 17:35. “My name is MacNamara and I’m the leader of the band” and soon we were off to the Seven Stones Inn under new management, Emily and Dominic. Doom Bar, Naked Ladies, Echiums, Agapanthus, Monterrey Pine and Fish Pie at £12.50. Overheard: “Don’t go schwimming with bow-legged women” (Christine Macrae) to which J. VdH replied “Here’s to drinking with bow-legged women”

Sunday, 28th September
Dinghy to St Martin’s for island walking and free Amaryllis Belladonna courtesy of Ian. Coffee and Christine and Alan’s holiday cottage and supposedly the girls went swimming. Nicholas George of St Buryan telling lunchtime stories with friends at the Seven Stones which had put Scuppered Ale back on. Luckily Happy Return was not scuppered and we sailed round Round Island to New Grimsby and Ges caught the buoy first time. Red legged Partridge at the Ruin Café, followed by beer at the New Inn followed by Pasta and Vegatable Tomato Soup sauce dinner on board.

Monday, 29th September
We caught a wisp of breeze at 08:08 and motored for home. Clean the dinghy, wash the decks, porpoises fishing, dolphins leaping, hot and sunny and back in Penzance wet dock. Great trip and lovely memories.

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