Will all members please complete this questionnaire.

This questionnaire is being sent to all members of MBLA following the Special Meeting of the MBLA held on Saturday 1st December 2018 at Penzance Sailing Club. At the meeting, called by the committee to address the future of the association and the Happy Return, it was decided to ask the full membership for their thoughts on possible solutions to the three issues highlighted at the meeting. These were:

Skippers – Due to retirements/age/illness there is a diminishing ‘pot’ of qualified skippers for the Happy Return. This impacts on the ability of the MBLA to run a full calendar of sailings, and in turn, reduces income.

New committee members and support groups – Two long standing committee members are retiring at the beginning of 2019 and replacements are needed. It was also felt that there needed to be more support for the committee.

Fundraising/Funding streams/Revenue – Within the next couple of years there are likely to be recurring repair and replacement costs, (e.g. cover boards, gunwales etc.) for the MBLA to ensure the Happy Return remains in sound condition. At present there are only modest funds to facilitate this as the income from sailings only covers day to day running costs.

It is therefore evident that the next few years are likely to be a difficult time for the MBLA if these issues are not resolved. It is with this in mind that this questionnaire is being sent out to members to elicit as many ideas and solutions as possible. Our approach is based on the concept of ‘blue-sky’ thinking and that ‘everything is up for discussion and nothing is out’.

The results and analysis of the questionnaire will hopefully lead to the drawing up of a realistic, workable and achievable plan for the future, thus enabling the MBLA to continue to provide unique sailing experiences on the Happy Return and also keep this historical asset for future generations.

Therefore it is important that all members of MBLA, who are, after all, the ‘lifeblood’ of the association, take the time to complete this questionnaire and let the committee know your thoughts and ideas, even if they seem far-fetched, as sometimes an ‘off-the-wall’ comment or idea can lead to a whole new avenue of possible solutions.